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In the open country, among luxuriant vineyards filled with red grapes, stands Casale 1921 a place of rejuvenation for the traveler desiring to visit the fertile region of Irpinia.  Not far from the town of Torre le Nocelle, renowned for the Sanctuary of San Ciriaco and a center of religious tourism, this splendid farmhouse is the perfect place for relaxation and immersing oneself in nature, tranquility and a tradition of wine and food that is such a part of this wonderful land. 
Casale 1921 is also home to a characteristic and traditional cantina that offers guests the opportunity to sample its Aglianico, a red wind of the highest quality.  It’s the ideal place to rediscover old traditions and a love of the land, in addition to relieving the stress of everyday life in a comfortable and hospitable atmosphere.

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Casale 1921, is a company in 2005 by Pasquale De Angelis and Carmen, with a love of tradition and trust in modern, innovate and enhance both the wine business, already conducted by the older generation, who, according to tourism, the 'aspect of the cottage, placed in Bed & Breakfast.

(Pictured right: Pasquale De Angelis, his wife Carmen, and behind them the niece Marilù)



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Area: Cantina

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