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The vine known as Aglianico was brought to Italy by the Greeks and was called Hellenica. The Romans called it “Ellenico” and used it to improve the quality of Falerno, a wine much loved by the poets of the time. In the 15th century, under the domination of the Aragons, it was named Aglianico.

The hills that flank the River Calore essentially define the area where Aglianico is produced. This fragrant and full-bodied wine is ruby red in color and dry, warm and soft on the palate.
The climate and the terrain cause Aglianico to mature slowly and generally sets the period of harvest between October and the first half of November. The vineyard DOCG Taurasi (a designation of the highest quality) faces southeast at an altitude of 310 meters above sea level and occupies about two hectares of land near the farmhouse. It is personally attended by members of the family and expert consultants with the express purpose of always producing fruit of the highest quality.

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